Educational Presentation: We kick off the lunch with a 40 minute presentation on different topics that will help you in your life and your business. Up coming topics include- How to add 5K to you monthly income, Anger Management, How to Barter, Using Essential Oils to center yourself and much more.

Round Robin - Now get a chance to meet even more people. Each of you will have an opportunity to share what you and your business has to offer in a 3 minute elevator speech

Mix and Mingle - By now you have established who has the potential to be your ideal client. Go talk with the more in depth and explain how you can assist them with your products or services.  

Benefits of  Round Robin Style Speed Networking

About Infinite Business Connections

* Make more business contacts

* Perfect your 2 minute elevator speech

* Fun and fast paced
* Great for new entrepreneurs

* Save time on scheduling, traveling to and conducting meetings
* Easy to remember! This networking event will ALWAYS take place on the LAST MONDAY of each month, same time, same place.

What to expect at an event

It's my life passion to help people reach their goals- in business and in health! Whether you are launching a new business venture, looking to get to the next level in your business or to get healthy- I want to help you!

Why speed networking? As an Isagenix coach, I attend plenty of networking meetings and come across the same two challenges time and time again. First, I would encounter the clique of the group off in the corner talking with themselves. This made it hard to approach and introduce myself. Second, I would get stuck in a conversation with someone way too long, having a difficult time moving on because I was cornered. Then I came across speed networking concept and thought... WOW, I need to bring this to everyone.... and thus... Infinite Business Connections was born!

When business people attend conferences and other networking events, they tend to gravitate towards people they know. In addition, the general mixer concept can be particularly daunting for someone who may be shy or new to the marketplace.  

Speed Networking is a new fresh way to build your contacts in a time efficient manner because with an increasing demand to fit in more in less time... time is of the essence!

The Speed Networking is specifically designed to allow attendees the quick and entertaining opportunity to introduce themselves and pitch their company to other people in business.

Participants of Speed Networking will meet more people, make more contacts, and generate more business ideas in the time it takes to have lunch!

About Speed Networking